381. How many Umahaat ul Momineen were Hufaaz?
A. 6
B. 5
C. 4
D. 3

382. Who wrote the book “Kitab al Kharaj”?
A. Imam Abu Hanifa
B. Imam Shafi
C. Abu Yusuf
D. Muhammad Al Shaybani

383. The book “Kitab al Amwal” (The book of Revenue) was written by __________ ?
A. Imam Bukhari
B. Abu Yusuf
C. Abu Ubaid al Qasim Ibn Sallam
D. Muhammad Al Shaybani

384. When did Imam Abu Hanifa died?
A. 120 A.H
B. 130 A.H
C. 140 A.H
D. 150 A.H

385. Collection of Holy Quran in the reign of Hazrat Abubakar RA was done by Hazrat Zaid RA between______?
A. 11-14 A.H
B. 11-15 A.H
C. 13-16 A.H
D. 12-15 A.H

386. Examples of Ijma as a slurp of Islamic Law?
A. Azan for Juma prayer
B. Compilation of Holy Quran
C. Traweeh prayer
D. All of above

387. Imam Shafi learnt Quran at the age of___________?
A. Ten
B۔ Nine
C. Seven
D. Six

388. When Halaku khan sacked Baghdad?
A. 1228
B. 1238
C. 1258
D. 1268

389. The Expedition of al Raji, occurred in the year _________ of the Islamic calendar?
A. 3 A.H
B. 4 A.H
C. 5 A.H
D. 6 A.H

390. When Khalid bin Waleed was removed from the service in the rein of Hazrat Umar Farooq (RA)?
A. 14 A.H
B. 15 A.H
C. 16 A.H
D. 17 A.H


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