801.————— is made out of reserves or share premium
A.Preference shares
B.Bonus shares
C. Debentures

802.—————- shares cannot be issued if the company makes any default in the payment of its obligation
C. Bonus

803.Capitalization of reserves means ————————-
A.Creation of provision
B.Declaration of dividend
C.Issue of bonus shares

804.Provisions regarding bonus issue should be given in ——————– document
A.Memorandum of association
B.Articles of association
C. Prospectus

805.Balance remaining in the forfeited Account after reissue is transferred to ————— account
A.General reserve
B.Capital reserve
C. Premium account

806.If reissue of shares are more than face value of shares, the excess amount is transferred to ———- account.
A.General reserve
B.Capital reserve
C. Premium account

807.Share call amount due is credited to —————— account
A.Share application account
B.Share allotment account
C. Share capital account

808.When excess applications money is refunded to applicants it is vouched with cash book and ——-
A.Letter of allotment
B.Letter of call
C. Letter of regret

809.Partial auditing is usually done by
A.Sole trading concern
B.Joint stock company
C. Govt. department

810. The measurable value of an alternative use of resources is referred to as:
A. An opportunity cost
B. An imputed cost
C. A different cost
D. A sunk cost
E. None of these