971.Balance sheet audit does not include-
A.Vouching of income, expense, accounts related to assets and liabilities
B.Examination of adjusting and closing enthes
C.Verification of assets and liabilities
D.Routine checks.

972.Cost audit is related to
A.Cost accounting records
C.Financial statements
D.Balance and Profit Loss account

973. Secretarial audit is also termed as
A.Financial audit
B.Compliance audit
C.operational audit
D.Tax audit

974.Cost audit i compulsory for-
A.Specified entities
B.Specified industries
C.All companies
D.All manufacturing companies

975.A Company Secretary in Practice has been authorized under Section 2(2)(c)(v) of the Company Secretaries Act 1980, to conduct:
A.VAT Audit
B.Secretarial Audit
C.Cost Audit
D.Bank Audit

976.Which types of audit is conducted by the internal audit staff:
A.Cost Audit
B.Secretarial Audit
C.Internal audit
D.Tax audit

977.Balance sheet audit is also known as:
A.Continues Audit
B.Annual audit
C.Internal audit
D.Financial audit

978.Secretarial audit is conducted by:
A.Chartered Accountant in Practice
C.Internal auditor
D.Company Secretary in practice

979.Which type of audit is conducted by the Internal audit staff:
A.Cost Audit
B.Secretarial Audit
C.Internal Audit
D.Tax Audit

980. In comparison to the independent auditors, an internal auditor is more likely to be concerned with:
A.Cost accounting system
B.Internal control system
C.Legal compliance
D.Accounting system