861. Express an opinion on the financial or non financial areas is the goal of-
A. Accounting
B. Managing
C. Auditing
D. None of the above

862. In the case of financial audit, a set of financial statements are said to be true and fair when they are free of-
A. Error
B. Fraud
C. Material Misstatements
D. None of the above

863. Audit deals with checking, verification and examination of-
A. Accounts
B. Finance
C. Management
D. None of the above

864. Time, extent and nature of audit depend upon effectiveness of-
A. Environmental Control System
B. Management Control System
C.Both(a) and (b)above
D. Internal Control System

865. ________ is responsible for ‘Maintenance of accounts”
A. Auditing
C. Both (a) and (b)above
D. Management

866. Auditor has to report that accounts have been prepared as per GAAP and presents a ____
A. Correct view of business operations
B. Authentic view of business operations
C.Both(a) and (b)above
D. true and fair view of business operation

867. Auditing can be defined as an independent examination of –
A. Financial records
B.Non financial records
C.Both(a) and (b)above
D. None of the above

868. The objective of an audit of financial statements is to enable an auditor to …………. on financial statements
A.Complition of an audit
B. Express on opinion
C. Check the transaction
D. Check frauds

869. Accounts maintenance is the function of …….
A. Auditor
B. Accountant
C. Auditor staff
D. Practicing Professionals

870. Review of system and procedure is the primary function of-
A. Accounting
B. management
C. Auditing
D. None of the above