341. A Voucher is a _______.
A. document is support of an entry made in books of accounts.
B. invoice received from suppliers.
C. receipt issued to a customer for cash.
D. despatch receipt.

342. Voucher relates to _________.
A. cash receipt.
B. cash payment.
C. credit transactions.
D. all the above.

343. Internal check is meant for ___________.
A. prevention of frauds.
B. detection of frauds.
C. helping audit is depth.
D. detection of errors.

344. Internal auditor is appointed by ________.
A. the management.
B. the shareholders
C. the government.
D. he statutory body.

345. Auditing begins where ______ ends.
A. Selling.
B. inventory valuation.
C. Accounting.
D. Purchases.

346. A kind of audit conducted for a part of the accounting year is called _______.
A. Periodical audit.
B. Partial audit.
C. Cost audit.
D. Interim audit.

347. For which of the following, Audit is optional?
A. Trusts.
B. Joint stock companies.
C. Proprietorship concern.
D. None of the above.

348. Providing more or less depreciation on assets is an example of ______.
A. Misappropriation of cash.
B. Misappropriation of goods.
C. Misappropriation of accounts.
D. None of the above.

349. The audit that is made compulsory under statute is called _________.
A. Statutory audit.
B. Partial audit.
C. Complete audit.
D. Continuous audit.

350. The receipt of goods must be entered in _________.
A. goods inward book.
B. goods outward book
C. receipt of Stores.
D. receipt issue and balance of stores