911 .The internal auditor cannot compel the management to-
A. Implement suggestions
B. Discontinue certain activities
C. Replace employees
D. None of the above

912. The internal audit staff can provide new ideas about-
A. Accounting matters
B. Auditing matters
C. Legal matters
D. Various business matters

913. The purpose of internal audit is to determine the proper use of-
A.Accouning staff
B. Audit staff
C.Leegal staff
D. Resources

914. The purpose of internal audit is to exminetge-
A. Auditing policies
B. Recruitment policies
C. Accounting policies
D. Production and sale policies

915. The benefit of internal audit is that proper accounting system is-
A. Already being used
B. Not being used
C. Introduced
D. Not required

916. The benefit of internal audit is that there is better management of-
A. Accounting concern
B. Auditing concern
C.Legal concern
D. Business concern

917. The goals of business can be achieved if there is proper –
A. Internal control
B.Internal check
C. Internal audit
D. All of the above

918. Management could rely on internal audit for-
A. Good results
B. Better results
C. Best results
D. All of the above

919. The management can review progress through-
A. Internal check
B. Internal conrrol
C. Internal audit
D. External audit

920. The internal audit is helpful to have effective control over-
A. Accounting activities
B. Auditing activities
C. Business activities
D. All of the above