691.Shares can be issued at premium, under section
B. 75
C. 78
D. 79

692.A company can accept calls in advance from its shareholders under section
B. 79
C. 92
D. 78

693.Shares can be issued at discount only after
A.2 years of the commencement of the business
B.1 year of the commencement of the business
C.3 years of the commencement of the business
D.5 years of the commencement of the business

694.With regard to issue of share warrants to the bearers, the auditor should see that is it
A.Permitted by Memorandum of Association
B.Sanctioned by the Central Government
C.Permitted by the Board of Directors
D.None of the above

695.For the for festure of shares, the auditor should check that it is permitted
A.by Memorandum of Association
B.by articles of association
C.under Companies Act, 1956
D.None of the above

696.Premium received on issue of shares, later forfeited, should be transferred to
A.Capital reserve
B.Shares forfeited Account
C.Capital Account
D.None of the above

697.With regard to issue of share certificates, the auditor should refer to section
B. 113
C. 114
D. 123

698.Increase in share capital is permitted by
A.Memorandum of Association
B.Articles of association
D.Companies Act, 1956

699.Divisible profit should not include
A.Interest on capital
D.None of the above

700.Dividend can not be paid out of
A.Capital profit
B.Capital receipts
C.Revenue receipts
D.None of the above