771.————— audit is more suitable for small business houses

772.Vouching is an examination of ———– to ascertain the accuracy and authenticity of transactions in the book of accounts
A.Audit files
B.Audit note book
C. Documents

773.————— is a written plan containing details with regard to the conduct of a particular audit
A.Audit Note book
B.Audit programme
C. Audit files

774.————— is the verification of books of accounts from Income tax point of view
A.Cost audit
B.Tax audit
C. Management audit

775.Investigation is conducted
C. As and when required

776.Investigation is required when
A.Fraud is suspected in business
B.On acquisition of running business
C.All of them

777.Which among the following is not a right of company auditors
A.Right to access the book accounts
B.Right to seek explanations
C.Right to lies on books of accounts

778.Test checking is done when there is an effective system of ————–
A.Internal control
B.Internal audit
C. Internal check

779.Test checking means
A.Checking of all transactions
B.Checking of half of the transactions
C. Checking of selected items

780.Audit working papers are ————————–
A.Important information about audit
B.Appointment letters regarding audit
C.Letter of notice