971. A book in which Appellate Court register appeal is called __________________?

A. Register of appeal
B. Record of appeal
C. Book of new entries
D. None of the these

972. On a day fixed for hearing of appeal if appellant does not appear when the appeal is called_______________?

A. The Court may make an order that the appeal be adjourned
B. The Court may make order that the appeal be dismissed
C. Both A and B
D. None of the these

973. Order XLI, Rule 13, of C.P.C. deals with notice to __________ Court?

A. High Court
B. To the Court whose decree is challenged
C. To Respondent
D. None of the these

974. Order XLI, Rule_________ deals with remand of case by appelate Court ?

A. 21, of C.P.C
B. 22, of C.P.C
C. 23, of C.P.C
D. None of the these

975. Order XLI, Rule 25, of C.P.C. empowers Appellate Court to ____________________?

A. Frame issues or refer them to Trial Court
B. To dismissed appeal
C. To remand case to Trial Court
D. None of the these

976. Modes of additional evidence is provided in_______________?

A. O. XLI, Rule 27, of C.P.C.
B. O. XLI, Rule 28, of C.P.C.
C. O. XLI, Rule 29, of C.P.C.
D. None of the these

977. Which Order of C.P.C from the following deals with appeals from appellate decrees______________?

A. Order XLI
B. Order XLII
C. Order XLIII
D. None of the these

978. The Orders from which appeal shall lies are dealt by_________________?

A. Order XLI, of C.P.C.
B. Order XLII, of C.P.C.
C. Order XLIII, of C.P.C.
D. None of the these

979. An order of returning plaint under O. 7, Rule 10, of C.P.C is_________________?

A. None appealable
B. Appealable as provided in O. XLIII rule 1
C. Revisionable
D. None of the these

980. An order under Rule 10, Order VIII, pronouncing judgment against a party is ________________?

A. Reviewable
B. Revisable
C. Appealable
D. None of the these


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