991. The chief just Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudry was set on leave under section 207 of Judges compulsory leave order 1970 Validation in 1975 on :

A. 16th March 2007
B. 8th March 2007
C. 17th March 2007 *
D. 9th March 2007

992. When Rana Bhagwan Das was appointed as acting chief justice of pakistan ?

A. 22nd March 2007
B. 24th March 2007 *
C. 26th March 2007
D. 29th March 2007

993. Justice Rana Bhagwan Das was appointed as acting chief Justice of Pakistan on 24th March Under Articles _________ of the 1973 Constitution :

A. 170
B. 180 *
C. 198
D. 190

994. President General Pervez Musharraf removed Iftikhar Muhammad Chadhry From his office and sent reference to the supreme Judicial council against him under the charges of :

A. Misuse of Authority
B. Misconduct
C. Actions prejudicial to the dignity of the office
D. All of the above *

995. Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudry assumed the office of chief Justice of pakistan on :

A. 20th June 2005
B. 30th June 2005 *
C. 30th July 2005
D. 24th july 2006

996. Iftikhar Muhammad chaudry was the ________ chief justice of pakistan :

A. 18th
B. 19th
C. 20th *
D. 16th

997. Iftikhar muhammad Chaudry was scheduled to retire in ___________ at the age of 65 years according to constitution of pakistan 1973:

A. 2009
B. 2010
C. 2013 *
D. 2015

998. When government of pakistan conceded before the supreme court that it still considered justice iftikhar muhammad chaudry as the chief justice of pakistan ?

A. 16th April 2007 *
B. 27th April 2007
C. 24th April 2007
D. 25th April 2007

999. The supreme court on 18th April 2007 admitted for hearing a constitutional petition filed by chief justice iftikhar chaudry Muhammad Chaudry under Article of __________ of the 1973 ‘s constitution :

A. 180
B. 184 *
C. 188
D. 192

1000. Name the justice of Supreme court who refused to hear the constitutional petitions challenging the presidential reference in the case of chief justice iftikhar Muhammad chaudry :

A. Justice Sardar M Raza khan *
B. Justice Javed Iqbal
C. Justice Hamid Ali Mirza
D. None of the above