821. Unauthorized person can not addressed to High Court while exercising it original civil jurisdiction as provided in section ?

A. 119, of C.P.C
B. 120, of C.P.C
C. 131, of C.P.C
D. None of the these

822. Section 135, C.P.C. exempt ____________ from arrest under civil processes?

A. Police Officers
B. Politicians
C. Judge, Magistrate, Judicial Officers
D. None of the these

823. As per section 142, C.P.C. all orders and notices served on or given to any person under the provisions of the Code of Civil Procedure ?

A. Shall be in writing
B. Shall be oral
C. Both (a) and (b)
D. None of the these

824. Section 144, of C.P.C deals with__________________?

A. Application of restitution
B. Filing of new suit
C. Both A and B
D. None of the these

825. The power enjoyed by Court to fulfill needs of justice in absence of specific provision of C.P.C are called ________________?

A. Natural powers
B. Delegated powers
C. Inherent powers
D. None of the these

826. A decree, judgment or order can be amended if there is _________________?

A. Clerical or arithmetical error
B. Factual error
C. Conceptual error
D. None of the these

827. Order 1, of C.P.C deals with_______________?

A. Litigation
B. Parties to the suit
C. Documentation
D. None of the these

828. The person or group of persons who are responsible to replying or answering the suit are called________________?

A. Plaintiff or plaintiffs
B. Defendant or defendants
C. Third persons
D. None of the these

829. Under Order 1, Rule 1, all persons may be joined as plaintiffs if_______________?

A. Their right to relief is same
B. They are close relative
C. They belong to same group
D. None of the these

830. All persons may be joined as ____________ against whom any right to relief is claimed ?

A. Plaintiffs
B. Respondents
C. Defendants
D. None of the these