801. Which particular from the following can not be attached during execution of a decree_________________?

A. Moveable property
B. Immovable property
C. Necessary wearing apparel
D. None of the these

802. In the case of a suit against the Federal Government the party defendant shall be_____________?

A. President
B. Prime Minsiter
C. Pakistan
D. None of the these

803. As per section 80, of C.P.C. in the case of a suit against Federal Government notice will be delivered to_________________?

A. Interior Minister
B. Federal Minister
C. Secretary of the Federal Government
D. None of the these

804. Section_____, of C.P.C. deals with filing of suit by aliens ?

A. Section 80
B. Section 83
C. Section 85
D. None of the these

805. An alien enemy residing in Pakistan can file a suit with permission of________________?

A. Federal Government
B. Foreign Ministry
C. Interior Ministry
D. None of the these

806. If any diplomatic agent exercised any commercial activity in Pakistan beyond his official functions he________________?

A. Can be used in any Court
B. Can not be sued in any Court
C. Can not be sued without permission of his own State
D. None of the these

807. The term “Public nuisance” means__________________?

A. An unreasonable interference in any persons personal matters
B. An unreasonable interference with right of general public
C. Both A and B
D. None of the these

808. The term “Appeal” means _________________?

A. Transfer of case from inferior Courts to Superior Court for the purpose of checking credibility of lower Court decision
B. Transfer of case from one Court to another Court for the purpose of testing credibility of the decision of lower Court
C. None of the above
D. None of the these

809. ___________ determine forum for first appeal ?

A. Pecuniary value of a suit
B. Trial Court
C. Nature of case
D. None of the these

810. Section 100, 101, and 102, relates to________________?

A. First appeal
B. 2nd appeal
C. 3rd appeal
D. None of the these


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