551. Whoever causes, hurt by corrosive substance shall be punished with imprisonment for__________________?
A. Life and fine of one million
B. Fourteen years and minimum fine of one million
C. Both A and B
D. None of these

552. Whoever causes, on the head or face of any person, any hurt which does not amount to itlaf-i-udw or itlaf-i-salahiyat-i-udw, is said to cause ________________?
A. Shajjah
B. Jaifah
C. Non of above
D. None of these

553. ___________ is the ijury on head or face of the person where bone of the victim is not exposed ?
A. Shajjah-i-khafifah
B. Shajjah-i-mudiah
C. Shajjah-i-Hashimah
D. None of these

554. Punishment for shajjah-i-mudiah is given in section_________________?
A. 337A(i)
B. 337A(ii)
C. 337A(iv)
D. None of these

555. ___________ is an injury on head of the person where by causing fracture of the skull of the victim and the wound ruptures the membrane of the brain ?
A. Shajjah-i-damighah
B. Shjjah-i-ammah
C. Shajjah-i-mudiah
D. None of these

556. Section 337-B, of P.P.C. deals with_____________________?
A. Jaifah
B. Ghayr-Jaifah
C. Jurh
D. None of these

557. Whoever causes on any part of the body of a person, other than the head or face, a hurt which leaves a mark of the worund, whether permanent or temporary is said to cause ____________________?
A. Shajjah
B. Jurh
C. Jaifah
D. None of these

558. Whoever causes jurah which does not amount to jaifah, is said is to cause __________________?
A. Ghayr-Jaifah
B. Damiyah
C. None of above
D. None of these

559. Whoever causes ghayr jaifah, in which the skin is ruptured and bleeding occurs, is said to cause____________________?
A. Damiyah
B. Hashimah
C. Badiah
D. None of these

560. Section 337-F __________ of P.P.C. prescribe punishment for mutalahimah ?
A. (iii)
B. (iv)
C. (v)
D. None of these