Law, the discipline and profession concerned with the customs, practices, and rules of conduct of a community that is recognized as binding by the community. Enforcement of the body of rules is through a controlling authority. Academic task offering 2000+ Law MCQs for the preparation of different schools, colleges, and universities examinations to get good marks. Solved judiary and law question and answer cover multiple topics such as Basic law MCQs, 2nd constitution of Pakistan, constitution of Pakistan 1962, Pakistan Panel Code 1860, court fee act, Code Of Criminal Procedure 1898,  Offences Of Zina Ordinance 1979, specific relief act Pakistan, constitution of 1962, court fee act, specific relief act Pakistan, constitution of Pakistan 1973, contract act 1872 Pakistan, Muslim family law ordinance, Juvenile Justice System Ordinance 2000 hudood ordinance 1979, anti-terrorism act 1997, police order 2002, nab ordinance 1999, National Accountability Ordinance 1999, Executive Order On Parole 1934, Civil Procedure 1908, Good Conduct Prisoners Probational Release Rules 1927, Civil Procedure 1908, West Pakistan Civil Courts Ordinance 1962, Family Courts Act 1964, Limitation Act 1908 – and much more. These law MCQs are also helpful for the preparation of various interviews, entrance examinations, other competitive examinations, and jobs like Law Lecturer’s jobs, Legal advisor jobs, Legal Associate, etc. for all Experienced, Freshers and Students. Also, check MCQs on Sociology here.

531. Within_________ days of the receipt of notice under section 7(1), of the Muslim Family laws Ordinance, 1961 the Chairman shall constitute Arbitration Council for reconciliation ?
A. 15
B. 20
C. 30
D. None of the above

532. Dissolution of marriage otherwise than by talaq is provided in section________ of Muslim Family laws Ordinance, 1961?
A. 7,
B. 8,
C. 9,
D. None of the above

533. The decision made by the Chairman in matter of maintenance can be revised before__________ through filling application for revision?
A. Family Court
B. Zila Nazim
C. Collector
D. None of the above

534. As per section 10, of the Muslim Family laws Ordinance, 1961 where no mode of payment of dower is prescribed in Nikah-nama or marriage contract the entire amount of dower shall be presumed to be ?
A. Payable on demand
B. Paid
C. Do not paid
D. None of the above

535. Constitution of 1956 was enforced on_______________?
A. 23rd Feb, 1956
B. 14th Aug, 1956
C. 23rd March, 1956
D. Non of These

536. Definition of the State was provided in Article _________, of the Constitution of 1956?
A. 2
B. 3
C. 5
D. Non of These

537. According to the Constitution of, 1956 there shall be ________ form of government in country?
A. Parliamentary
B. Presidential
C. None of the above
D. Non of These

538. Minimm age to become President was held _________, year in 1956 Constitution?
A. 35
B. 40
C. 45
D. Non of These

539. According to the Constitution of 1956 __________ was the highest Court of country?
A. Supreme Court
B. Federal Court
C. High Court
D. Non of These

540. 1956 Constitution provided ___________ form of government for the country?
A. Unitary
B. Federal
C. Both A and B
D. Non of These