No, no it’s neither plagiarism nor a theft of any kind. The term ‘rewriting’ could be confusing at first, but it is an important part of the learning process. Look at the famous quote of Seneca the Younger; he advocates that, ‘Everything in art is but the copy of nature’. In every kind of educational institute what we do is to engage ourselves in relearning the ideas of other people. So unless you possess the mega mind that could come up with better new theories regarding the working of the world, the chances are that your ideas are thoughts are already reinforcements of someone else’s work.

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Rewriting: The Art of “Putting it into Your Own Words.”

It’s that simple. Rewriting is the basic learning and understanding of concepts and paraphrasing it into your own words. Rewriting ensures authenticity and is the most important part of academic writing.

Why do you require our rewriting services?

But of course, you could paraphrase yourself any concept or idea that you’re working on.  Sure, you can, but the majority of institutions run academic work through plagiarism checkers, and the chances are that you could fall victim to it, and your work would be dismissed. Moreover, the embarrassment of stealing someone else’s work would be too much to bear!

Be wise, and don’t risk your career over such a silly mistake. Our professional, experienced writers are waiting to help you. We ensure you that your work will:

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When can we assist you?

Do you have myriad online resources that excellently sum up everything that you need to add in your final project, but you’re too afraid of plagiarism? Too many citations and too many bibliographical references? Is simple paraphrasing is not making any sense?

Well, hit us up! That’s the perfect time to ask for our assistance!

Foreign Students

This service is extremely beneficial for international students. International students may include all the key points in their essay, but still, end up losing marks because of the different tone of text than the norm.  We’re glad to be of service here!

When rewriting documents are extremely dull, challenging and time-consuming, Acamedized is always here to ease the load. Your satisfaction is our top priority, and our experts make every possible effort to achieve it!

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