Chunking vs non chunking

the paper is going to be about an experiment i made, which was to test whether, type of words such as nouns versus verbs are remembered better, and chunking words into group versus non chunking is better for memorizing. in a file below i will include all methods and material, there you will be able to understand more about the experiment.

the paper needs to have 5 paragraph for the intro
1. you have to write about why do we care about this topic, such as looking for the best way to memorize things, come up with a good entry paragraph of why do we want to make a research about what type of words can be memorized easier, and why chunking words into groups will be better for memory.
2. you need to find a scholarly article about short-term memory and write about it and how it relates to the experiment.
3. you need to find a scholarly article and write about why chunking words ares good for memory and relate it to our experiment
4. you need to find an article about which types of word are easier to memorize, verbs versus nouns, and relate it to our experiment
5. you need to talk about my hypothesis.

Hypothesis are;
1. there is a main effect of chunking versus nonchunking
2. there will be a main effect on the type of word use, (nouns vs. verbs)
3. there will be no interaction of word type and chunking/no chunking.

i will include a file of all the methods, please go over them and do not copy it word by word, rewrite it in your own way including all details.

i will inculde resluts from ssps, which is anova, paird sample and t test.
all major and significant numbers are highlighted, the results need to be detailed as possible including all details.
and this are the finidngs that you need to include in the results:
1. there was a main effect of chunking/ nonchunking
2. there was a main effect of word type
3. there is an interaction effect, but further we did a t-test and found out that there was no effect with chunking and verbs, but only with chunking and nouns, so remeber the hypothesis says that there will be no interaction, and we found that there was an interactio.

discuss our results in details and include all the findings and relate it to the articles of the introduction, i will add a rubric with exact details for how to properly include evrything in the paper

include 3 references for the articles in APA style

report all important numbers in a APA style.
and add a graph that you will create form the one i will share in the file of the results, and label properly, the graph is the one of the interaction. all the numbers are on the provided graph you just need to create a new one with excel and label properly, and in the results relate to this graph.
the number to spoken about are the descriptive statistics, test of within subject contrats, test of between subject effect, the interaction of chunink/none Chunking*word type and paired sample test and the independet samples test
remeber, a rubric is included below and needs to be followed strictly, all 3 articles needed for the introcution, needs to be scholarly, the results needs to be reported in apa style. if u have any questions please ask me.

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