821. Which of the following is not a purpose of creating writing ?
A. self expression
B. command of language
C. repetition
D. None of these

822. Which is different from the other three ?
A. assignments
B. examination
C. test
D. evaluation

823. Which of the following is concerned with the real life situations ?
A. Functional Grammar
B. Structural Grammar
C. Prescriptive grammar
D. Formal grammar

824. Cross-word puzzle is used during the ______ stage of lesson.
A. Pre-reading
B. Post-reading
C. Pre-preparation
D. while reading

825. Dyslexia is associated with _______ disorder ?
A. reading
B. writing
C. speaking
D. listening

826. In a dialogue practice ______ are taken care of.
A. listening and speaking
B. speaking and reading
C. speaking and writing
D. writing and listening

827. Reading for comprehension can be best achieved if learners ________.
A. speak words softly while reading
B. read silently

C. run fingers and pencils under the lines
D. read the text aloud

828. Note taking helps the learners to develop their ________.
A. listening and speaking
B. speaking and reading
C. listening and writing
D. reading and writing

829. Teaching grammar should focus on ______.
A. rules of language
B. forms and structures of language
C. communicative functions of language
D. both structures and rules of language

830. Using correct stress, intonation and pause comes under the subskill of _____.
A. listening
B. speaking
C. reading
D. writing

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