721. Curriculum means ?
A. Overall activities of an Institution
B. Objectivity
C. Class Room
D. Affective

722. Education is a process of bringing desirable change into ?
A. Behavior
B. Mind
C. Thought
D. Knowledge

723. A teacher can motivate the students by ?
A. Giving proper guidance
B. Giving examples
C. Giving suitable prizes
D. Delivering speech in class

724. The success of teacher is ?
A. High achievement of students
B. Good traits of his/her personality
C. His/her good teaching
D. His/her good character

725. The most important trait of a student is ?
A. Obedience
B. Co-operation
C. To speak truth
D. Sense of responsibility

726. If a student does not pay any respect to you, then you will ?
A. Rebuke him
B. Award less marks in examination
C. Talk to his/her parents
D. Ignore him

727. Philosophy is the study of ?
A. Logic
B. Learning
C. Understanding
D. Reasoning

728. Education is derived from a latin word ?
A. Educate
B. Educere
C. Evolution
D. Learning

729. Educere means ?
A. To draw out
B. To guide
C. To point out
D. To help

730. Formal education has ?
A. Flexible rules of entery and exit
B. Rigid rules of entery and exit
C. No rules of entery and exit
D. Few rules of entery and exit

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