671. Which from the following should be used to increase correct responses and appropriate behavior by students?
(A) Praise
(B) Reward
(C) Ignorance
(D) Strictness

672. The book Emile or “On Education” on the nature of education and man is written by ?
(A) Aristotle
(B) Plato
(C) John Dewey
(D) Rousseau

673. The term Identical Elements is closely associated with ?
A. Jealousy between children
B. Group instruction
C. Transfer of learning
D. None of the above

674. Which is not a product of learning?
A. Attitude
B. Skills
C. Maturity level
D. All of the above

675. Teaching comes under the classification of work namely ?
A. Skilled
B. Service
C. Clerical
D. All of the above

676. In Kindergarten system students are considered as ?
A. Gardeners
B. Plants
C. Flowers
D. Gerden

677. The Idealism was presented by ?
A. Plato
B. Aristotle
C. John Dewey
D. William James

678. Behavioral objectives was presented by ?
A. Ross
B. Davis
C. Froebel
D. Monroe

679. Main source of innovations is ?
A. Human Mind
B. Research
C. Advance Technology
D. All of the above

680. Constructivism is defined as ?
A. Learning theory
B. Motive theory
C. Functional theory
D. Vocational theory

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