591. Radio, Tape recorder, Television etc are the categories of?
(A) Content
(B) Curriculum
(C) Books
(D) Audio Visual Aids

592. What is meant by horizontal organization of curriculum?
(A) Integration of curricular contents from different knowledge domains with a particular grade level
(B) Integration of curricular contents from same knowledge domain
(C) Both of the above
(D) None of the above
593. What is meant by vertical organization?
(A) Relation of subject at same level
(B) Relation of subject at different level
(C) Both of the above
(D) None of the above
594. To cover different concepts at the same level or class which type of curriculum would be developed?
(A) Horizontal
(B) Vertical
(C) Parallel
(D) All of the above

595. Textbook is an example of ______ curriculum.
(A) Subject centered
(B) Teacher centered
(C) Student centered
(D) Supported

596. Integrated curriculum develops for the reason?
(A) To decrease the fail ratio
(B) To increase competence of students
(C) To increase competence of Teachers
(D) To decrease in number of books

597. Who says that “Curriculum presents instructional material”?
(A) Spencer
(B) Frobel
(C) Plato
(D) Smith

598. What is the example of information learning?
(A) Watching Cricket Match
(B) Listening to a lecture
(C) Watching Dramas
(D) None of the above

599. Quantitative and standardized aspect of evaluation is called?
(A) Learning
(B) Measurement
(C) Education psychology
(D) All of the above

600. Cyclic activity involving a number of steps and operations is called what?
(A) Evaluation
(B) Process
(C) Knowledge
(D) Measurement

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