441. If a student of your class comes late in class, what you will do?
(a) call his father
(b) punish him
(c) try to know the reason
(d) its alright and no need to pay attention

442. If the student fails in any subject, it can be understand that _________
(a) its due to bad teaching
(b) the text-books failure
(c) Its an individual student’s failure
(d) the system failure

443. What is the purpose of basic educational scheme?
(a) to vocationalize the education
(b) to universalize primary education
(c) to make education compulsory to all children
(d) to fulfill basic need of persons through education

444. What is the main success of a teacher?
(a) his good teaching
(b) keeping good character
(c) high numbers of students in exam
(d) good traits of his personality

445. You are a teacher and your student is not paying respect to you, what you will do?
(a) ignore his attitude
(b) talk to his parents
(c) give him less marks in exam
(d) rebuke him

446. What will you like to do if a fair is being organized in your school?
(a) take part in function
(b) only visit the fair
(c) to take a shop to sell something
(d) arrange free water to visitors

447. According to you what is the main trait of a student?
(a) obedience
(b) speak truth
(c) co-operation in teacher
(d) responsible

448. A teacher has serious defect if he ________
(a) is not mature mentally
(b) is physically handicapped
(c) has weak personality
(d) punishes students for nothing

449. An assessment is __________ if it consistently achieves the same results with the same
A. Valid
B. Invalid
C. Reliable
D. Unreliable

450. An assessment that measures a student’s current knowledge for the purpose of assigning asuitable course is called?
A. Diagnostic assessment
B. Formative assessment
C. Summative assessment
D. Contemporary assessment

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