411.The students of class v make too much of noise in Math’s class. The probable reason of this could be that the teacher
A. Is not well versed in teaching methodology
B. The children dislike the subject
C. Is not able to maintain discipline in the class
D. The children do not pay attention

412. True or false items cannot provide accurate criterion of evaluation because?
A. Chance of guessing on the part of examines is at highest probability
B. They generally inflate actual scores due to guessing or cheating
C. They do not require thorough study to attempt
D. All of the above

413. Which of the following techniques is used in educational surveys?
A. Tests
B. Interview
C. Questionnaires
D. All of the above

414. Which of the skills do you consider most essential for a teacher?
A. To read out the text-book
B. To communicate well
C. To use difficult language
D. To impress students

415.Condition necessary for micro-teaching is___________?
A. Controlled environment
B. The repeated manifestation of only one skill
C. Observation and criticism
D. All of the above

416. Pedagogy is a Greek word which literally means
A. to lead the child
B. to guide the child
C. to educate the child
D. to understand the child

417.The philosopher who worked in mathematical and scientific didactic was?
A. Lev Vygotsky
B. John Dewey
C. Martin Wagenschein
D. Jean Piaget

418.A scoring guide use to evaluate the quality of students is called
(A) checklists
(B) rubrics
(C) inventories
(D) rating scales

419. Which from the following should be used to increase correct responses and appropriate behavior by students?
A. Strictness
B. Reward
C. Praise
D. Ignorance

420. Which from the following should be used to decrease minor inappropriate behavior by students?
A. Ignorance
B. Strictness
C. Praise
D. Reward

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