301. Plato believed that talent and intelligence are:
A. distributed genetically
B. not distributed genetically
C. distributed gender-wise
D. not distributed gender-wise

302. The standard deviation is the __________ of the variance?
A. square
B. square root
C. cube
D. cube root

303. We calculate average marks of a student in the way as we calculate____________?
A. arithmetic mean
B. geometric mean
C. standard deviation
D. variance

304. The __________ is a measure of how spreads out points are from the mean.
A. arithmetic mean
B. geometric mean
C. standard deviation
D. variance

305. Who advocated removing children from their mothers’ care and raising them as wards of the state?
A. Socrates
B. Plato
C. Aristotle
D. John Locke

306. In case of spending money, the virtue is __________ between wastefulness and stringiness.
A. generosity
B. penury
C. lavishness
D. prodiga

307. According to John Dewey, children should experience __________in school to make them better citizens.
A. rules
B. discipline
C. democracy
D. practical implementation

308. The Law of Effect can be effectively used in____________?
A. accelerate learning
B. curriculum development
C. classroom management
D. teaching methods

309. The satiation technique of classroom management is a technique where instead of punishing negative behaviors, the teacher might decide to actually __________ the negative behavior.
A. encourage
B. discourage
C. ignore
D. divert

310. A successful teacher’s most important function is____________?
A. Helping students to become good played
B. To develop love for books among children
C. Helping students to pass examination
D. To develop thinking abilities among children

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