Histology is the science and study of tissues. Histo means a tissue, while Logy means science. By studying oral histology and embryology, you will gain a strong foundation in oral biology. The topic you study will focus on the development and structure of cells and tissues, the stages of tooth development and maturation. Different parts of a tissue, like cells, intercellular substance, tissue fluids, and the different parts of a human tooth, like enamel, dentin, dental pulp. Academic Task provides Oral Histology MCQs with answers. All these teeth histology MCQs are chosen from trusted and best reference books on oral histology. These histology MCQs are also helpful for the preparation of interviews, entrance examinations, other competitive examinations, and certifications for all Experienced, Freshers and Students. Also, check MCQs on Oral Pathology here.

71. Regressive changes in pulp include____________?

A. Increased fibrotic component
B. Decreased cellular component
C. Calcification in blood vessels near apical foramen
D. All of the above

72. The 2nd most prominent cells in pulp are______________?

A. Fibroblasts
B. defense cells
C. Odontoblasts
D. Histocytes or resting wandering cell

73. The total volumes of all permanent pulp organ______________?

A. 0.38 cc
B. 0.58 cc
C. 0.02 cc
D. 3.8 cc

74. Aging process affects pulp tissue by_____________?

A. Decreasing the size and shape of pulp tissue and cellular component
B. Increase cellular component at the expenses of fibre component
C. Increases vascularity of the pulp
D. Decrease the calcific component of the pulp

75. . Pulp tissue contains all except____________?

A. Fibroblasts
B. Capillary
C. Osteoblasts
D. Ameloblasts

76. . Propriceptors are seen in all except______________?

A. Skeletal muscle
C. Pulp
D. None of the above

77. . Dystrophic calcifiaction is seen most commonly in which of the following oral tissues__________?

A. Enamel
B. Pulp
C. Dentin
D. Periodontal ligament

78. Unmyelinated nerve fibres of pulp are____________?

A. Sensory in nature
B. Respond to hot and cold
C. carry pain sensation
D. Associated with blood vessels and are sympathetic in nature

79. Protein secreted by odontoblast_____________?

A. Chitin
B. Keratin
C. Collagen
D. Elastin

80. The development of pulp begins__________?

A. 6th week of IU
B. 8th week of IU
C. 10th week of IU
D. 18th week of IU