Academic tasks provide 2000+ basic and advanced level of Oral Anatomy MCQs with answers and detailed explanations. In this section, we focus on all areas of MCQs on Oral Anatomy subject and cover all important topics of Anatomy of the mouth and teeth like Basic Oral Anatomy, Calcification and Eruption of Teeth, Decidous dentition, Occlusion,  Permanent Dentition,  Physiologic Form of Tooth and Periodontium, Physiologic Form of Tooth and Periodontium, Osseous Structures and TMJ – and much more. All these topics are chosen from trusted and best reference books on Oral Anatomy. These dental anatomy MCQs are also helpful for the preparation of interviews, entrance examinations, other competitive examinations, and certifications for all Experienced, Freshers, and Students. Also, check MCQs on Medical here.

241. The first permanent tooth to erupt in the oral cavity is the_____________?
A. Mandibular central incisor
B. Mandibular first molar
C. Maxillary central incisor
D. Maxillary first molar

242. The usual order of appearance of the primary teeth in the mouth is____________?
A. Central incisors, first molars, lateral incisors, second molars, canines
B. Central incisors, lateral incisors, canines, second molars, first molars
C. Central incisors, lateral incisors, first molars canines, second molars
D. Central incisors, lateral incisors, first molars second molars, canines

243. Calcification of permanent first molar usually begins in the_____________?
A. Third month of intrauterine life
B. In the sixth month of intrauterine life
C. At birth
D. In the third month of extra uterine life

244. The last primary tooth to be replaced by a permanent tooth is usually the_____________?
A. Maxillary second molar
B. Mandibular second molar
C. Maxillary canine
D. Mandibular canine

245. First permanent molars begin to calcify at ______________?
A. 6 months of intra utrerine life
B. At birth
C. Before decidous incisors
D. About 1 year after birth

246. Maxillary primary cuspid enamel completion takes place at______________?
A. 6 months in utero
B. 6 months after birth
C. 9 months in utero
D. 9 months after birth

247. The tooth bud for the third molar is initiated at about the age of______________?
A. 6th month I.U
B. 1st year of life
C. 2nd year of life
D. 8th year of life

248. The first macroscopic indication of morphologic development of primary incisors approximately at____________?
A. 11 weeks in utero
B. 14 weeks in utero
C. 16 weeks in utero
D. 6 weeks in utero

249. A new tooth is erupting in the mouth of a one and a half year old child. This tooth is most likely to be a decidous___________?
A. Maxillary central incisor
B. Mandibular lateral incisor
C. Maxillary lateral incisor
D. Maxillary canine

250. The first evidence of calcification of primary anterior teeth begins approximately between ______________?
A. 14 to 17 weeks in utero
B. 9 to 12 weeks in utero
C. 6- to 9 weeks in utero
D. 17 to 20 weeks in utero


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