Sustainable Development & Refurbishment


You are a built environment professional working for a firm in Sheffield. Your firm has been approached by Sheffield Hallam University (SHU) to undertake a study for them into their recently acquired Eyre Lane building. They wish to redevelop it but it does not have to form a part of their usual business – i.e. it does not have to be classroom or offices. Your firm is being asked to develop a full proposal, in competition with other firms. Your role though is limited in this – you do not have to undertake every task.

The building is an unused, ex-street cleaning depot within the boundary of the city campus’s frontier.


Your job is to help win the work for your firm. You are to investigate the building, take notes and decide on the best use of the building. You will submit:

  • A “best use(s)” statement based on available data at the front of their submission with justifications as to why you have selected this/these.
  • A proposed design (‘as is’ CAD / pdf plans are provided) – software or hand-drawn is acceptable – with annotations

In addition, please choose ONE of the following

  • A detailed specification · A design risk assessment
  • A priced Activity Schedule · A BREEAM Pre-Assessment
  • A Building Condition Statement (i.e. the Conclusions and Recommendations from a Building Survey)
  • A Project Plan


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