1.Human Resource Management (HRM) is_________?

A. A Staff function
B. A line function
C. A staff function, line function and accounting function
D. All of the above

2. The objectives of HRM are categorized as _____________?

A. Personal objectives
B. Functional objectives
C. Organisational and social objectives
D. All of the above

3. The scope of HRM does not include ____________?

A. Retirement of employees
B. Manpower planning
C. Training of employees
D. Maintenance of accounts

4. The meaning of the acronym ‘SHRM’ is ____________?

A. Short-term Human Resource Management
B. Strategic Human Resource Management
C. StrategistHuman Resource Management
D. Strategic Humane Resource Management

5. The meaning of the acronym HRM is ______________?

A. Human Relations Management
B. Humanistic Resource Management
C. Human Resource Management
D. Human Resourceful Management

6. The term used before the language of modern HRM was ___________?

A. Labour Relations
B. Personnel Management
C. Industrial Management
D. All of the above

7. Which of the following is not a function normally performed by HR department?

A. Accounting
B. Recruitment and Selection
C. Pay and Reward
D. Employee Relations

8. Which of the following statements is false?

A. Organizations are now less hierarchical in nature
B. Organizations are now generally focusing upon domestic rather than international matters
C. Organizations have adopted more flexible norms
D. Organizations have been subject to a raft of organizational change programs

9. Human Resource Management is______________?

A. Employee oriented
B. Employer oriented
C. Legally oriented
D. None of the above

10. Scope of the HRM includes ______________?

A. Retirement and separation of employees
B. HR training and development
C. Industrial relations
D. All of the above

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