How It Works

1. You place an order

You place your order then provide us with detailed instructions on what your academic task should be about. If this is not your first order with our company, you can choose the preferred writer when you place the order.

2. Choose the writer

You pick writer with a PhD degree in your area of academic science takes your order and begins to research your topic.

3. Working procces

You correspond with the writer through our messaging system. He/she may need more details or specifications to fulfill your assignment correctly. The writer provides you with a draft of your paper by your request before the deadline to confirm that the writing meets your requirements.

4. Take your paper

The writer completes the research and conducts the original writing to your additional instructions. You receive your custom quality academic reference paper available by download from our site or sent to your email address.

c offers you a unique and personalized approach, which includes direct communication with writers interested in your order. We give a firm guarantee that we will deliver only top-quality work, and that you will not be asked for payment before you see how the writer has worked on your order. You are given tools to manage your order yourself, from the first step until the last. This includes choosing the writer you like the most, working out any questions while the order is in progress, and evaluating your writer afterwards. In addition, with you are constantly updated on the progress of your writer’s work, since you can immediately view any changes the writer makes.

As you can see, it's simple
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