941. In make or buy decision, marginal costs as well as additional fixed costs are the factors to be considered.
A. True
B. False

942. If the marginal cost is _________ buying price, additional requirement of the component should be met by making rather than buying.
A. Equal to
B More than
C. Less than
D. None of the above.

943. These are principles of taxation:
A. Principle of equality
B. Principle of certainty
C. Principle of secrecy
D. Both (a) & (b)

944. In Pakistan, taxes are levied by:
A. Prime minister of Pakistan
B. President of Pakistan
C. Federal cabinet of ministers
D. National assembly

945. Which of the following tax is best example of ability to pay principle of taxes:
A. Excise tax on cigarettes
B. Highway toll tax
C. Proportional sales tax
D. Personal income tax

946. Govt. taxing and spending policies are called:
A. Monetary policy
B. Fiscal policy
C. Commercial policy
D. Finance policy

947. Govt. budget is balanced when:
A. Govt. expenditure outstrips tax receipts
B. Govt. tax receipts outstrips expenditure
C. Government expenditure equals tax revenue
D. None of the above

948. Government finance is called:
A. National finance
B. Public finance
C. Private finance
D. (a) and (b) of above

949. How the government can meet its expenditure:
A. By taxing people
B. By borrowing from banks and other governments
C. By printing new money
D. By all the three methods

950. The government can collect funds from:
A. Taxes
B. Fees
C. Prices of public goods
D. All the three