531. Who of the following make a broader use of accounting information?
A. Accountants
B. Financial Analysts
C. Auditors
D. Marketers

532. The Yield to Maturity of a bond is the same as_____________?
A. The present value of the bond
B. The bonds internal rate of return
C. The future value of the bond
D. None of these

533. Choose from the following a symptom which is not relating to “Over Trading”?
A. Cash shortage
B. Low inventory turnover ratio
C. Low current ratio
D. High inventory turnover ratiO

534. The formula to calculate the present value of a single cash flow is given by:
A. CF1 / (1+r)n
B. C2 / (1+r)
C. C0 + C (1+r)n
D. None of these

535. The effect of purchasing power or inflation on present value is important because _________?
A. It increases the real value of cash flows received in the future
B. It reduces the real value of cash flows received in the future
C. It has no effect on real value of cash flow received in the future
D. None of these

536. An Asset is __________?
A. Sources of funds
B. Use of funds
C. Inflow of funds
D. None of these

537. Mr. Y and Mr. Z are planning to share their capital to run a business. They are going to employ which of the following type of business?
A. Sole-proprietorship
B. Partnership
C. Corporation
D. None of the given options

538. When the market’s required rate of return for a particular bond is much less than its coupon rate, the bond is selling at:
A. Premium
B. Discount
C. Par
D. Cannot be determined without more information

539. Which of the following statement is considered as the accountant’s snapshot of firm’s accounting value as of a particular date?
A. Income Statement
B. Balance Sheet
C. Cash Flow Statement
D. Retained Earning Statement

540. The most important item that can be extracted from financial statements is the actual ________ of the firm.
A. Net Working Capital
B. Cash Flow
C. Net Present Value
D. None of the given options

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541. A firm has paid out Rs. 150,000 as dividends from its net income of Rs. 250,000. What is the retention ratio for the firm?
A. 12%
B. 25%
C. 40%
D. 60%

542. Which of the following ratios is NOT from the set of Asset Management Ratios?
A. Inventory Turnover Ratio
B. Receivable Turnover
C. Capital Intensity Ratio
D. Return on Assets

543. Which of the following statement about bond ratings is TRUE?
A. Bond ratings are typically paid for by a company’s bondholders.
B. Bond ratings are based solely on information acquired from sources other than the bond issuer.
C. Bond ratings represent an independent assessment of the credit-worthiness of bonds.
D. None of the given options

544. If you plan to save Rs. 5,000 with a bank at an interest rate of 8%, what will be the worth of your amount after 4 years if interest is compounded annually?
A. Rs. 5,400
B. Rs. 5,900
C. Rs. 6,600
D. Rs. 6,802

545. Which of the following statement is TRUE regarding debt?
A. Debt is an ownership interest in the firm.
B. Unpaid debt can result in bankruptcy or financial failure.
C. Debt provides the voting rights to the bondholders.
D. Corporation’s payment of interest on debt is fully taxable.

546. A firm reports total liabilities of Rs. 300,000 and owner’s equity of Rs. 500,000. What would be the total worth of the firm’s assets?
A. Rs. 300,000
B. Rs. 500,000
C. Rs. 800,000
D. Rs. 1100,000

547. A company having a current ratio of 1 will have ________ net working capital.
A. Positive
B. Negative
C. zero
D. None of the given options

548. Business Finance addresses which of the following?
A. Capital budgeting
B. Capital structure
C. Working capital management
D. All of the given options

549. In which type of business, all owners share in gains and losses and all have unlimited liability for all business debts?
A. Sole-proprietorship
B. General Partnership
C. Limited Partnerhsip
D. Corporation

550. Which of the following is measured by retention ratio?
A. Operating efficiency
B. Asset use efficiency
C. Financial policy
D. Dividend policy


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