1011. Cost of goods sold refers to :

A. Sales Minus gross profits *
B. Sales Minus profit
C. Cost of materials, labour and overheads
D. None of the above

1012. Debt equity ratio refers to the ratio of :

A. Debtors to equity share capital
B. Long term debt to shareholders equity *
C. Total debt to equity share capital
D. The ratio of long-term debt to equity shares

1013. It is the branch of economics which assesses the government revenue and government expenditure for the public authorities and the adjustment of one or the other to achieve desirable effects and avoid undesirable ones.

A. Economics
B. Public administration
C. Government administration
D. Public Finance *

1014. The preview of public finance is considered to be threefold ; governmental effects on :

A. Efficient allocation of resources
B. Distribution of income
C. Macroeconomic stabilization
D. All of these *

1015. Collection of sufficient resources from the economy in an appropriate manner along with allocating and use of these resources efficiently and effectively constitute good financial management :

A. True *
B. False

1016. Which of the following are the essential components of a public financial management system ?

A. Resource generation
B. Resource allocation
C. Expenditure management
D. All of these *

1017. Which basically deals with all aspects of resource mobilization and expenditure management in government ?

A. Public finance management *
B. Economics
C. Public administration
D. Government administration

1018. Just as managing finances is a critical functions of management in any organization , similarly public finance management is an essential part of the governance process:

A. True *
B. False

1019. Public finance management includes resource mobilization , prioritization of programmes, the budgetary process efficient management of resources and exercising controls

A. True *
b. False

1020. The following subdivision from the subject matter of public finance :

A. Public expenditure, public revenue
B. Public debt, federal finance
C. Financial administration
D. All of these