Idea that would improve a system/software(Amazon)

TDLR; Mostly just writing, most of the research has been done. There’s a sample of what it should look like. It is extremely easy but my English is not perfect.

Background: For my English class, I had to come up with an idea that would improve a system/software. I chose Amazon, and my idea is: currently, the user can save any item on Amazon to decide whether to buy it or not. An interesting feature would be to receive a notification or an email in real time to let the user know that the price of the saved item has dropped. With the constant fluctuations in price on Amazon, such a feature would be very useful.

What I have so far: I did many assignments that would help me building a letter directly addressed to Amazon’s representative (you need to do some research on who it is. I wrote Jeff Bezos but everyone knows he will never read it lol).

Your task: watch the video, do the same thing based on MY idea (the Amazon thing). All the arguments need to flow logically. So please, make sure to connect the 3 main ideas that I provided (like the 3 ideas are not individual ideas but are all connected, and also make sure than the thesis, 3 premises, and conclusion are connected as well.

For the sources: use my scholarly sources + yours (e.g. the market size of Amazon, etc.)