Microcontroller Programming and Interfacing

For assignment 1: Check that the boards that you will review in assignment 1 have a microcontroller in them, not a microprocessor. Don’t review single-board computers, such as the Intel Edison or the Raspberry Pi. Those boards have microprocessors, not microcontrollers. Do NOT review single microcontrollers such as the Atmega32.

Microcontroller boards contain a microcontroller (IC) and extra electronic components and connections. This web page explains more about microcontroller boards:


Assignment 1: Investigate microcontrollers boards other than Arduino. Individual work. 

Assignment 1: Investigate microcontrollers boards other than Arduino. Individual work.


The families of microcontrollers refer to a taxonomy of past and existing microcontrollers. The families are classified according to their manufacturer (mainly), bit handling in data memory (16-bit, 32bit,

64-bit), pin configuration, etc. The organization into families makes microcontroller manipulation and analysis easier.

“There are many other microcontrollers and microcontroller platforms [boards] available for physical computing. Parallax Basic Stamp, Netmedia’s BX-24, Phidgets, MIT’s Handyboard, and many others

offer similar functionality. All of these tools take the messy details of

microcontroller programming and

wrap it up in an easy-to-use package. Arduino also simplifies the process of working with microcontrollers” https://www.arduino.cc/en/Guide/Introduction


Work individually.

Investigate the main characteristics, specifications, diagrams, cost and applications of microcontroller boards other than the Arduino boards, for example:

  • Parallax Basic Stamp,
  • Netmedia’s BX-24,
  • Phidgets,
  • MIT’s Handyboard

Write a report on the above. Write at least 4 pages, single-spaced, 12pt font, in PDF format. You may include small pictures or tables, citing their sources. Do not copy and paste (plagiarize) information from the Internet, articles or books. It is not enough to cite the sources. Write as much as you can in your own words. You can also paraphrase. If you plagiarize in this assignment, your grade will be zero (0). Do not cite Wikipedia pages.

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