Subsidiary entrepreneurial culture and performance

The literature review should:
– Clearly recognize and define a problem
– Discover the evidence and build findings
– Draw conclusions
– Communicate and evaluate the conclusions

**Recommended Literature Review Outline
Introduction (1200 words):
– The Opening Statement: Narrative hook
– Study topic statement: A concise statement identifying the key ideas of the research.
– Context statement: Defining a specific research interest
– Significance statement: Provides the justification for the study.
– Study questions/Aims: the question that needs to be answered by the research study.
– Organization section: How the literature review will be presented

Review Methodology (800 words):
– Search Boundaries: Journal quality: Association of Business Schools Academic Journal Quality
Guide 2015 (Available on study direct); Electronic databases; Primary & secondary subject
areas, ETHOS (PhD thesis repository) Search terms: Keywords used Cover period (if relevant)
– Report the journals you reviewed
– Report the total articles reviewed & included in your study
– Inclusion Criteria & Exclusion criteria
– Stages in data collection (if relevant)

Main Body (3500 words)
– What is known about the topic of study? The background research of the study
Evaluate and critique the literature, create a coherent sequence of arguments from the themes drawn from the literature.
– What is concluded?
Discuss the implications of what is known to address the research problem using the conclusions of the background discussion.
– The review is not just comparing the similarity or the difference between those journals. Samples, study design, and framework should be used in the literature review. The review also included the limitation of those journals, like what is missing in the journal by comparing those journals.

Conclusion: (600- 1000 words)
– Problem /study question(s)/aim(s)
– Key analysis/interpretation or explanation of key ideas or concepts
– Study implications (practical & academic)
– Future research suggestions

**Review at least 15 recent academic papers/ books etc. related to some aspect of the topic. Books should be published by a reputable
publisher; and papers/articles should be published in scholarly journals, conference proceedings etc. Newspaper or magazine articles, papers that are
only available on the internet, or extracts from textbooks do not count. You should also consult the original references rather than reporting other authors’ reports of them. References cited must be included in a references list at the end of the report and the quality of the in-text referencing.

**The rating of the journal should be at least 3 or above. (Refer to the ABS_Journal_Ranking in the additional materials)

**The report should have a Title Page and Table of Contents. Headings should be used to structure the report.


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