Intro to Urban Development

  1. Describe in detail the trial and error process of slope staking. Write a procedure for gaining the catch point on the left side of the roadway for a cut station.
  2. Define the term “cut.” What does it mean on the construction site?
  3. One of the major design elements of the subdivision is local roads and streets. List the important design elements you need to consider in laying out the roads in a subdivision.
  4. Given the proposed sewer line stakeout below.

The existing ground elevations from MH-3 to MH-4 are as follows:

  1. What is the purpose for determining the sight distance on roadways containing crest vertical curves? In other words, once you compute the sight distance what do you do with it?
  2. Radial stakeout is a layout method used in construction surveying. Explain radial stakeout as a method, its weaknesses, and steps you can take to ensure your stakeout is correct.
  3. The measured slope distance from Station A to Station B along a uniform sloping hillside is 1185.865 meters. The angle of inclination formed at Station A between the horizontal and the sloping hillside is -3.5 degrees.  Compute the grade of the hillside and the vertical distance from the horizontal to Station B.
  4. Given the following road design template:




This design template is to be placed at Station 1+50.00.  The elevation of the existing ground at Station 1+50.00 is 5005.89 feet.  The cut at centerline at station is 2.4 feet.  Follow the template on the right side of centerline.  The  side slope of 1.5 : 1 finds the catchpoint at a slope distance of 11.95 feet from the bottom of the ditch.  Compute horizontal distance of the catchpoint from centerline.


  1. The side slope of 2 : 1 on the left side of the design template shown above in Problem 8 is equivalent to what value expressed in grade?
  2. Define the term “Brownfield.” What did government have to do to encourage the development of Brownfields?



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